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Excellence and Innovation

Developing and enhancing activities that stand out for their innovative approach and attention to sustainability: this is the mission of the Research Lab. The "place of ideas ” of Protom translates the Company's inherent tension towards the implementation of Research and Development activities in projects and partnerships with public and private entities able to push us beyond the horizons of the possible. Our over twenty-year commitment to promoting the search for cutting-edge solutions in the field of Advanced Engineering and Digital Transformation today makes us a reference partner at European level.

 Manage relational networks

Through interaction with external partners and the building of relationships, the Innovation Lab allows Protom to be connected to subjects who have a "higher" and "deeper" observatory, bringing added value to the Company. Almost all of the projects are managed in partnership with Companies, Universities and Research Centres.

 Monitor opportunities

A constant process of scouting opportunities allows the Innovation Lab to capitalize on Protom's results and skills, translating them into an offer for the markets and strengthening the Company's ability to attract high-value partnerships. For years the company has invested more than 10% of its turnover in R&D.

 Connect ideas to optimize processes

Capitalize on the results achieved and promote the realization of innovative ideas: aiming at these objectives, the Research Lab works to optimize processes and harmonize activities and projects according to the strategic direction of the Company. All company BUs are involved in R&D projects.